Instruction and Examinations

  • Instruction and Examinations is the instruction in various subjects shall be provided by the College as per the scheme of instruction and syllabus prescribed.
  • The program of instruction, examinations, and vacations shall be notified by the Principal of the College.
  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
  • Moreover, at the end of each Semester, Final Examinations shall be held as prescribed, by CCMTRI
  • Backlog examinations shall be conducted at the end of each semester by the University.
  • Therefore, a candidate shall be deemed to have passed the Semester Examination. Whereas, if he/she secures not less than 40% in each subject and in aggregate.
  • The Examinations are conducted and results are published by the affiliating university.

Students must adhere to the following rules:

  • Discipline includes observance of the good conduct and orderly behavior of the student by the institutes.
  • Entry to institute premises is permitted only to valid identity card holders. Students shall always carry his / her identity card.
  • In case the student is found to be continuously absent from the class without information for a period of 15 days in one or more classes his/her name shall be struck off the rolls.
  • Tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the campus.

Breach of discipline shall include:

  • Irregularity in attendance.
  • Disobeying the instructions of the teacher or the authorities.
  • Misconduct or misbehavior of any nature towards teacher or employee of the institute or any visitor of the institute.
  • Causing damage, spoiling or disfiguring the property/equipment by the students.